Cheetah Power Surge

Giving you the mental acuity to be your best.

Cheetah is all-natural and caffeine-free. Which means people of all ages can enjoy it as an alternative to caffeine laced drinks.

Students must remain alert in class and while studying for exams, often for hours at a time. Cheetah delivers instant energy for situations requiring heightened concentration and academic performance. Cheetah is also great to help students stay alert during late night parties.

With today’s demanding work schedules, performance is more important than ever. Cheetah helps you stay alert during intensive computer work, in meetings and during presentations.

Automobile/Truck Drivers
As traffic on our roads gets worse and worse, drivers require higher levels of concentration and stamina. Cheetah helps you stay alert and in control at all times especially during long drives.

Hockey, soccer, baseball, football, cycling, tennis and other grueling sports demand a great deal of stamina. Cheetah gives you an all-natural, caffeine-free energy boost when you need it most.